Kitchen renovation inspiration

Ahh, the kitchen.

The heart of the home, the life of every party.

In our case, it’s a room that needs some TLC right now. We’ve got cracked floor tiles, a rather grimy stove, and a laundry setup just sitting on the floor. (You can see the fixer-upper reality here.)

So what are we designing instead? Well, step one was swapping two old and rather pointless lamp-fan combos for sleek pot lights.

Now comes the fun part — overhauling everything else. Here’s where I’m taking inspiration from for the new design:


Source: This Little Street

I love this combination of bright, breezy whites and natural wood tones. The big inspiration we’re taking from this clean, homey look is the flooring. Right now, we’ve got tile in the kitchen and warm walnut hardwood in the adjoining dining room.

I would love hardwood everywhere, but matching century-old wood seems close to impossible.

Instead, we’re considering this water-resistant porcelain tile that looks like the wood above, in a white “stucco” shade to keep things light and bright.


This design best captures the overall colour scheme we’re planning: White, black and natural wood tones. (And I love love love the floating shelves to showcase a few plants and kitchen knick-knacks.)

We’ll be doing white cupboards, however, with the black accents coming in the form of drawer pulls… something more like this:


This is very close to what we’re planning. Including the sink placement below a window, although due to space constraints we’re likely opting for a metal basin sink instead of the farmhouse style.

But the rest… I just love it! Timeless, bright, with bold black accents that elevate the look.


Source: Lacquered Life

We’re tackling the quirkiest part of our kitchen — the washing machine and dryer just, uhh, sitting there on the floor — by just building around it.

We considered making them stackable and turning it into a closet of sorts but, no. It would be too big and bulky. Instead we’re going to leave them side by side, add cabinet doors like the ones above, and create more counter space over top.

Because who doesn’t want *more* counter space?

Beside the new hidden laundry area, we’re considering a breakfast bar like this:


Hello, reclaimed wood!

While every other countertop in our kitchen would be quartz (likely this one or something similar) we’re thinking a wooden breakfast bar would tie in nicely with floating shelves and other wood accents.

Black stools, modern pendant lamps… that’s the plan so far.

What do you think?

PS: If one of the above images is from your blog and wasn’t credited, let me know.

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