Our new home

On December 1, Adam and I moved into our first house together (fun!)

The very next day, our contractor, three electricians, and the internet guy all showed up at our doorstep (busy!)

Since then we’ve been designing and renovating the inside of our 130-year-old house… a process marked by lots of surprises behind the walls and slow and steady progress towards making this house a home.

Before too much changes, here’s a look at the main floor:


We fell in love with this place for the original hardwood floors and trim… the high ceiling (around 11-feet)… and the beautiful stained glass windows.


The plaster ceiling is even a nice touch. The bulky fan? Not so much.

The plan right now is to take out some of those dated finishes and bring in modern and mid-century elements. I think we’ll probably go extra-modern, with clean lines and simple finishes, to balance out the century-old vibe of the house. The rooms are already full of charm and warmth so we don’t need to add much… and the tension between old and new will make each room pop a bit more.

So, here’s the kitchen:


Similarly high ceilings in this space, which is hard to tell from these panoramic photos. This is a room that we want to give a total refresh. The layout on this side, with the stove and fridge on opposite sides and the sink smack dab in the middle under the window, is pretty perfect.


The finishes and fixtures are a different story. The plan right now is brightening everything up with white quartz countertops, new cabinet doors with hidden hinges, stainless steel appliances, and black and reclaimed wood accents.


THIS is the side of the kitchen that requires a bit more… creativity. Yes, you’re not mistaken: That’s a washer and dryer hanging out there. A common thing in older British homes, I’ve since learned, but definitely a rare sight in Toronto.

We’ve gone through a few incarnations of the design ideas for this spot, and we’ve settled on leaving the laundry area as-is with a cabinet and countertop built around it.

Bulkhead will hide the dryer exhaust pipe, and we’re going to turn the space on the left into a wood breakfast bar with pendant lights above and shelves above the laundry area.

Cozy, clean, bright and functional… that’s the hope for the end result.

3 thoughts on “Our new home

  1. This looks beautiful! What font are you using for the title? So excited to follow along 🙂 Also – I lived in England and definitely had a washer/dryer in the kitchen scenario (only the kitchen was smaller and I had 5 roommates, not ideal lol).


    1. Yeah, it’s pretty common across the pond, eh? I found it weird at first but, you just make it work! And the font is actually a mystery now… I made the logo then my laptop went on the fritz and I had to wipe it clean. Oops.


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